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Forum: Donation Packages & Terms and Conditions
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12-24-2016, 05:54 AM
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Forum: Server Rules
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12-04-2016, 09:54 AM
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  Donation Packages & Terms and Conditions
Posted by: YouMadBro - 12-24-2016, 05:54 AM - Forum: Donation Packages & Terms and Conditions - No Replies

We strongly encourage you to donate as much as you can whenever you can as we simply cannot afford to keep the server operating efficiently without donations every month. Your donation plays a huge role in keeping the server alive and at its best. We appreciate your donations and your presence within our community.

To donate click HERE and follow the prompts

NOTE: Your donator status expires depending on the date you have purchased the package and the package you've purchased.
You can renew your donator status by donating again. Donation in order to keep the server running are also accepted.

Deals are as follows:
All packages come with the following perks:
Black Market Dealer
Secret Service
VIP Money Printer
Extra props (150 instead of default 90)
Military and Military Sergeant
1 month
1 month
2 month
2 month
3 month


 When donating, please enter the package you are paying for in the comments along with your Steam ID.

Note: When donating for money, $1AUD is equal to $10000 in game.

Please note that the donation process is not completely automatic. An administrator will be required to assign your in-game rank and bonuses. Please note that by donating, you agree to the donations terms and conditions which are found below. Donations are non-refundable under normal circumstances. Simply changing your mind or breaking the server rules will not entitle you to a refund. However, if you have made a mistake, contact us and we will be happy to work with you on resolving the matter.


Troll Inc. Gaming Staff

NOTE: Being a donator does not give you immunity from breaking the rules. If you break the rules you will be treated as any other person and can be viable to lose your donator.

Donation terms and conditions:
Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully before donating any money to us. You should understand that by donating money and ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions. All donations are via PayPal, although if the donor chooses to use E-Cheque, the cheque must clear before receiving donator privileges.

You understand and agree that Troll Inc. Gaming is a Garry’s Mod Gaming Server and that the money raised will be used to continue the current and future servers operation.

You understand and agree that all donations once transferred are non-refundable.

You understand and agree that Troll Inc. Gaming hold all rights to demote any person for misuse of their donator privileges or for breaking server rules.

You understand and agree that Troll Inc. Gaming holds the right to remove any / all donator privileges after a donator is permanently banned.

By donating money to Troll Inc. Gaming, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old (or have your parents' permission) and accept these terms & conditions which shall apply to all donations to Troll Inc. Gaming. No other terms or changes to the terms & conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing and signed by us.

You also understand that donations do not mean that you are not purchasing a product, but rather being rewarded for donating to our server.

Personal Information

All personal information you provide us with or that we obtain will be handled by Troll Inc. Gaming in utmost respect and confidentiality. The personal information you provide will be used to ensure proper and legal use of money transfer. The information you provide is only available to Troll Inc. Gaming’s owner and head staff and will not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the information held about you. You also have the right to request Troll Inc. Gaming to delete or correct the information held about you. By donating you are agreeing to the Terms and conditions above.

Protecting Your Password

When you register with Troll Inc. Gaming and choose a password to protect your secure account, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password, we recommend that you change your password immediately and contact us via the forums using the private message function.

Unauthorized Card Use

When a donation is made on the website the transaction is final and not disputable unless unauthorised use of your payment card is proved by your card issuer. If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card issuer in accordance with its misuse or fraudulent reporting rules.

Governing law

These Terms of Service are governed by Australian law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

Third party rights

A person who is not a party to these Terms of Service has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these Terms of Service. Failure to comply with these Terms of Service In the event that you commit a breach of these Terms of Service Troll Inc. Gaming reserves the right at its sole discretion to immediately and without notice suspend or permanently deny your access to all or part of the website and services.

As of 24th of December 2016

By donating you accept these terms and conditions.

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  Dark RP: Server Rules
Posted by: YouMadBro - 12-04-2016, 09:54 AM - Forum: Server Rules - No Replies

General Australian laws apply on this server.
You're required to read the following rules below.

This is your only warning.

Quick Tips:

  • Please set a realistic role-play name before you begin playing using /rpname First Last eg. /rpname John Smith.

  • Ensure you take the time to read our rule list. To access this again in game type !motd

  • Press F4 for the DarkRP Menu, you will find different categories here such as Jobs

  • Pressing F1 will show you all the useful commands

  • If you need assistance or want to report someone use @ for admin chat, although you must state a reason. eg. @ Could you please help me, I just got RDM'd

  • The blue box at the top right will show you current play time and the total time you have played on server should look like this: http://imgur.com/ruIA9KA

  • Admin rulings are final, do not argue.
Role-play Terminology:

  • IC - In Character

  • OOC - Out of Character

  • RP - Role-play

  • Minge - A person who purposely or with lack of knowledge interferes with others experience. (i.e. Asshole)

  • KOS - Kill On Sight

  • Meta-game - Meta-gaming is where you use out of character information, in character. E.g. You see a person with a beanie, you can't automatically assume he is a gangster without proper proof. For more on meta-gaming read here.

  • FearRP - If someone is pointing a gun at YOU, you must role-play it as if it was real life and that you value your life. This means that you wouldn't run around or take out your own gun when someone is pointing theirs at you. For more about FearRP read here.

  • Power-game - Powergaming is actions that overpower one party in roleplay situations. For example you can’t kill someone when they are typing because they must have the chance to communicate if voice is not available. For more about Powergaming read here.

  • Fistwhore - Fistwhoring is using the fist weapon inappropriately. This includes punching people excessively or punching someone with no proper reason. Fistwhoring not only includes player but vehicles as well.
A - General Rules:

  • When calling an admin, state a proper reason why you require them in admin chat. (@) (Do not call out specific admins unless they are aware of the situation)

  • Do not hack/exploit/cheat. (This is a permanent ban without question.)

  • Do not troll/flame/minge. Just don't be annoying and RP properly.

  • No discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexual preference, religion or country. Respect all admins and players.

  • Do not kill someone for no reason. This is known as "RDM" or "Random Death Match".

  • Do not break NLR (New Life Rule). When you die you forget everything from your previous life, you can't go back to the area you died within 5 minutes. (If you die in a raid you cannot rejoin)

  • Do not meta-game with people's names, jobs, doors, etc.

  • You must role-play fear of weapons, including those on safety. (FearRP). 

  • Do not fistwhore.

  • Do not power game.

  • No microphone spamming (role-playing a busker is ok, but screaming/spamming through your microphone is not.)

  • Do not impersonate any Admins. (Saying you're an Admin in game when you're not or stealing their name.)

  • Murder is permitted in extreme circumstances only, you must have a reason that warrants ending one's life. This includes both armed and unarmed players.

  • You can not steal mid-transaction. This applies to the products the person has purchased. Shipments are to be assumed as random boxes and you cannot metagame the contents.

  • In character swearing is fine, when swearing in OOC ensure you are not abusing or insulting anyone, or you'll be punished accordingly.

  • Do not advertise other servers, websites, or recruit on this server.

  • Black phys-guns are strictly against the rules.

  • An Admin's ruling is final. If you have a problem with their decision, take it up with them in a civil manner on the forums.

  • You are not allowed to sell off your donator privileges such as selling golden money printers to people that aren't donors etc.

  • You cannot advertise /OOC your store or base to be raided, this is also known as baiting. use /cr to cry out to the police for help.

  • You can not force people in a situation where they have a high chance of death - unless you have a valid reason for their demise.

  • You can not camp in your base and money farm all day, be creative, RP such as a money counterfeiting operations are allowed.

  • When you change jobs remove the stuff related to the job. (Donation box, etc.)

  • Any event which requires rules to be altered for the situation requires admin approval and supervision.

  • You must vote yes or not at all for cops. The only reason you can ever vote no is when admins are not around and someone is repeatedly abusing the class.

  • /advert is for advertising your business and/or product. It can also be used for requesting business and/or product. E.g. "Requesting a mechanic at the lake, (/pm Bruce)". It is not for general chatter and announcements.

  • Do not abuse the ladder tool. E.g. Using it to get onto a specific location and instantly removing it.
B - Base Building and Prop Rules:

  • All covers/barricades must reveal chest height and higher.

  • You may have only one layer of keypad/keycard security per base. (You may have multiple entrances, e.g. back/front keypad entrance as this counts as a single layer (only Bankers can have 2 keypad layers per base, not per player.)

  • Do not have props that are pure black or invisible. Try to apply realistic materials/colours to props. Bulletproofed windows are permitted as long as they are realistic.

  • You can not have keypads that force the cracker to have their back to the fading door.

  • Do not prop kill/block/trap/surf/spam. You're allowed to prop block when you are building a store or shop, but you must have no valuables inside. Valuables include money printers, gun shipments, drug shipments, etc.

  • You can not have KOS signs ("Cross this line and you die.") or anything similar.

  • Do not tamper with other player's creations/property.

  • Do not spawn props in other people's homes/property without their permission.

  • Custom walls/fences must have appropriate height. Simple house walls must not exceed the standard world/prop fence height such as this: http://i.imgur.com/If4Ds93.jpg

  • Every base must have a lock pickable/keypad crackable/keycard scanner entrance for raiders/robbers.

  • All fading doors must be activated for at least 4 seconds in length (or toggled).

  • All keypads/buttons/keycard scanners connected to a fading door must be within a meter distance of that door, and they cannot be hidden. They must be in plain sight, preferably positioned at eye level.

  • You are not allowed to build structures that wouldn't make sense in real life. E.g. Having a floating building. (Support the building with pillars.)

  • You can not have no-collided walls in order to gain an advantage on your opponent.

  • Bases cannot have murder holes where one can shoot the criminals when raiding.

  • All base defenses/covers must not have a top section and can't be any higher than a concrete barrier.

  • No tunneling (Making people crouch to get into an area).

  • You are not allowed to use WireMod keypads or keycards as normal/faded doors.

  • No doom forts or massive custom buildings (this will cause considerable amounts of lag.)

  • Do not 'Printer Bomb'. This is where you pick up a burning printer and use it to destroy someone or something when it blows up.

  • Parts of the map can be claimed, but this is totally at the admin's discretion, you must ask and give a valid explanation as to why you need land. You must also follow PowerRP in the sense that your group has the required power to control the territory.

  • Any buttoned door leading into a base must be a toggled door.

  • All tunnels must be at least two people wide no exceptions.

  • If more than one 'Eftpos Machine' in a single base, MUST be clearly labelled identifying the owner of each unit.

  • If your base has two thick props you cannot use either a KS-23 or M82 to kill through, all bases must have equal advantage to each side.

  • No mazing.

  • Overheads are allowed, but within reason. They must be situated as window or alike and the whole body above the chest must be seen.

  • Buildings may not have more than one store set up inside. You are to trade either from the same store, or separate ones. Only time this is acceptable is in a large open area with a 'Sunday Market' type setting, or in Flea Market with Admin approval.

  • Do not build into/onto areas of the map that are normally inaccessible.

  • Stores must have a covered opaque or solid coloured roofs so that store owners are not given an advantage over raiders.
C - Combat/Raiding & Murder Rules:

  • You can't raid the same place for a minimum of 15 minutes.

  • You can't bunny hop. (Jump repeatedly to avoid things.) To get away from danger, combat or being arrested.

  • When raiding you're not allowed to kill anyone unless they are a direct threat to you ie. their weapon is drawn.

  • You are not allowed to purchase health or armour during a fight.

  • You cannot use explosives around/at unarmed personnel.

  • If you find yourself in a situation where both parties have their gun pointed at each other It becomes a showdown and you should defend yourself appropriately.

  • Anyone participating in a raid that is unarmed is viable to be shot in the crossfire. Being unarmed does not exempt you from being shot.

  • You cannot use explosives on a base unless there are a minimum of 3 armed people inside.

  • Murder requires a seriously valid reason, treat murder in game as you would in real life. Examples of valid reasons include but are not limited to: Self defence, Witness to criminal activity, threats of a highly violent nature (e.g. someone is actively attempting to harm or kill you), extortion, corruption which interferes with your agenda, criminals interfering with your agenda, raids which turn into gunfights. Examples of INVALID reasons:: "I don't like him", "He abused me", "He shot up my fence", "I don't know", "He punched me", "He's gay/fat/annoying/stupid/asshole."

  • Criminal gangs and thieves may take spike strips if left on the road to use in planned crimes.
D - Vehicle Rules:

  • Do not physgun your car unless you are building with it.

  • Don't build a custom car without admin permission.

  • You may only steal job specific vehicles within reason (Examples being: escaping crime, life being in danger etc.)  Normal theft rules apply, as such only Mafia, Gang, Thief can steal job vehicles.

  • You must role-play all roadblock situations, ie. you can't just pull roadblocks out of your ass nor just drive straight through it in a small vehicle.

  • Your roadblocks can not be frozen, roadblocks may have a maximum weight of 2000.

  • Do not drive on the right side of the road, drive on the left side. (Australian Road Law)

  • If you hit someone get out of the car and roleplay it. Criminal related jobs can “hit and run” within reason.

  • Drive slowly along busy streets. Any CDM will result in removal of your car and possibly a ban.

  • If your car flips over or you crash, roleplay it out, don't physgun it out and drive off.

  • Intentional reckless driving (constantly crashing vehicles, car bombing, etc) can result in the deletion of your vehicle and/or a severe punishment.

  • You may only shoot vehicles when there are armed personnel inside.
E - Job and Demotion Rules:

  • Do not sell/buy any jobs.

  • Do as your job title says, do not abuse it or become something that you aren't even using. You also can't use the custom job (/job) to become another class, e.g. a Citizen pretending to be a Police Officer.

  • If you choose a job you must RP that job. E.g. a Car dealer must sell cars and a gun dealer must sell weapons.

  • Do not abuse jobs just to get their benefits. E.g. a gangster going gun dealer, buying a gun/shipment and then going back to gangster.

  • You must discuss all demotions for at least 1 minute, and ask if anyone wants to object. If there are valid objections from people other than the person being demoted, then you must drop the demotion.

  • Do not demote someone just because you dislike them or you want their job. The demotion system is designed to remove people from jobs they are abusing (or demoting corrupt police/mayor when they are arrested with evidence of being corrupt).

  • Leaders of factions are permitted to fire their employees without discussion or delay (Gang leader, Godfather, Mayor, Chief)

Job Guidelines:

Contract Killer
  • The person who placed the hit needs a solid reason to place it, otherwise it's RDM.

  • If the Contract Killer is arrested during the job, the hit is automatically failed.

  • The minimum price for a hit is $1000. You can use /hitprice (amount) to make the price higher.

  • You may only place 1 hit every 15 minutes.

  • Climb Swep is to be used for reaching vantage points, Fear RP applies and should not be done in the public.

  • Do NOT use the Climb Swep to get into places under the map.
General Store Clerk
  • You must make your own store and sell food/printer needs to the public.

  • You cannot use this class for your personal money counterfeiting operations, i.e. just sitting in your base buying your own paper and ink, you need to RP it.

  • This class can knowingly supply counterfeit operations, the GSC must set job to reflect shady business deals.

  • You can be a supplier to groups i.e. Deliver to groups/businesses. You still must have your own business.

  • You may work with other General Store Clerks.

  • You are not allowed to be a private supplier (You cannot 'base' with anyone unless they are also a GSC)
  • When mugging you can only take a maximum of $1000 and you cannot get someone to get their money out of an ATM/Cheque.

  • Do not steal entities such as radios and donation boxes.

  • You must mug in private or semi-public places (secluded areas, alley ways, streets that are not busy).

  • You are allowed to mug for weapons.

  • You can make scamming businesses to make money.

  • You are not allowed to work with other groups to raid but you are allowed to work as an associate eg. Police locksmith

  • You can not kidnap as a thief. You may only hold someone as hostage during raids or for ransom.
Gun Dealer
  • You can work as a private supplier, so long as there is at least one public Gun Dealer and you do not participate in any group activities (e.g. Raiding with the gang but you can still defend the base).

  • Auto gun stores are allowed as long as they are raidable and you are not using it to scam.
Black Market Dealer
  • You can work as a private supplier, so long as there is at least one BMD selling and you do not participate in any group activities (e.g. Raiding with the gang but you can still defend the base).
Police Officer / Undercover Police Officer / Police Chief
  • Cops cannot make their own laws. That is the duty of the Mayor.

  • Corruption is allowed, but you must announce this in your job title, e.g. "Corrupt Police Chief."

  • The arresting officer must offer bail, no one else may offer bail (Bail list is at the bottom of the page.)

  • Police have the right to refuse bail if you've committed a violent/major offense.

  • Do not random wanted/warrant/weapon check, you must have a legitimate reason to do so.

  • When using the battering ram you must only ram down the door/fading door and ONE alternative entry point. i.e a window.

  • Cannot taze if suspect has weapon drawn first, FearRP applies with this weapon.

  • Police Officers are not allowed to charge with an arrest baton at a person, as this is baton rush. You can not arrest someone while they have a gun out on you. (This Breaches FailRP/FearRP).

  • You must let the suspect know what he is being arrested for before placing him under-arrest.

  • The Chief of Police can establish a process of recruitment where you have to be processed to become a law enforcer before joining the force. If this is active and you join the force without the process you're viable for demotion.

  • Use spike strips appropriately to take down criminals and not other civilians.

  • Pick the spike strips up once the situation is over. (Look at the end and press E).

  • You can use '/cbroadcast' to globally broadcast messages as Police Chief.
  • Only become this job if there is at least one Police Officer.

  • S.W.A.T are only for providing backup on police raids and responding to call-outs (/cr). They do not enforce the law.

  • S.W.A.T can hunt down dangerous fugitives only if they have committed a violent / major crime.

  • Use spike strips appropriately to take down criminals and not other civilians.

  • Pick the spike strips up once the situation is over. (Look at the end and press E)
Secret Service
  • Protect the President at all costs.

  • Abide by the President's instructions.

  • You cannot enforce the law.

  • You may take deadly force if the President's life is in danger.

  • You can be corrupt if you have your job title set to 'Corrupt SS'.
  • Corruption is allowed, but you must announce it in your job title (i.e. "Corrupt President")

  • You must approve/deny warrants for valid reasons.

  • Use weapons appropriate to your job title (President's are lightly armed, Dictators can be heavily armed.)

  • You must never participate in police raids.

  • Use the lock down function only when necessary (/lockdown), and you must give a reason before starting the lock down using a broadcast.

  • You can use '/broadcast' to globally broadcast messages.

  • The Mayor can establish a process of recruitment where you have to be processed to become a law enforcer before joining the force. If this is active and you join the force without the process you're viable for demotion.

  • You cannot allow a person or persons to be above or immune from the law (i.e "All hobos are immune from the law".)
  • Hobos can buy and own weapons.

  • You can sing for money on the side of the street, but this is at the Police's discretion.

  • Hobos can not act as mafia/gangs, e.g. hobos pretending to be terrorists, running around shooting people.

  • Donation boxes are only to be used for donations for hobos. Don't exploit by changing class's, if you change jobs, ask an admin to remove the box.

  • You can not kidnap as a hobo.

  • Hobos cannot own real estate.
  • It is encouraged that you set up a Hospital/Doctor's Practice and RP heals. (E.g. gunshot wounds, diseases, etc.)

  • Do not heal a person or yourself during combat.

  • You cannot work privately.
Security Guard
  • You can not work for Mafia, Gangsters, Thieves or Police.

  • You can not act as a Police Officer.

  • You can not randomly weapon check players.

  • You can not randomly confiscate weapons using weapon checker, Role-Play it out.
Car Dealer
  • You must set up a dealership after becoming this job.

  • You cannot buy yourself a car without RP reason.
  • You store other people's items in a secure location.

  • Don't go banker just to farm money printers.

  • Don't steal other peoples items, you're not a thief.

  • Bankers can have 2 layers of keypad/keycard doors in their bank.

  • Bankers may store 'illegal' goods at their own risk. If you are caught red handed you may be punished to the full extent of the Laws. I know this seems senseless and pointless but a lot of users of our servers will ask when a situation arises
Godfather/Gang Leader
  • You can request shop owners to buy protection money from you.

  • You can bribe the police to avoid any crimes you have/will commit.

  • You must have at least one group members present when doing criminal activity (If you're Gang Leader, you need one Gangster and if you're The Godfather you need one Mafia member.)

  • If you die while raiding the whole group must retreat. (This initiates a "raid over".)
  • You can only raid someone with the Godfather/Gang Leader present, if the Godfather/Gang Leader dies the raid is automatically over and you must leave the raid location.

  • You must have at least one group members present when doing criminal activity (If you're a Gangster, you need the Gang leader present and if you're a Mafia, you need the Godfather present.)
Heavy Vehicle Operator
  • Drive correctly, You are driving a truck with a heavy load not a sports car.

  • You are not a taxi service. Don't make a huge truck to transfer people with heaps of seats. If you want to shuttle people around buy a bus and change jobs.

  • You can work for people or groups to transport items around or make your own organisation.

  • Do not spawn the trucks in a small area.
Taxi Driver
  • Drive correctly, you are driving a taxi not a race car.

  • No free fares.

  • Do not go this class if you just want to drive around, do your job or the taxi will be removed.

  • No materializing the taxi.

  • Remove the taxi when changing class. You cannot re-skin the taxi and continuing using it, it WILL be removed.

  • Do not just change colour of the taxi and make it look like a normal car.
  • You cannot work privately.

  • A high standard of role play must be upheld at all times (a realistic repair time on broken vehicles 5-10 minutes, towing broken cars, etc).
Bus Driver
  • Do not go this class if you just want to drive around, do your job or the bus will be removed.
  • You cannot place your crops in public areas. E.g Roads, Police Departments and Stores.

  • You can only place crops on land you own.

  • Do not spam your watering can unless it is used for growing your crops.

  • Crops must be placed within direct sunlight.

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